Rainbow Valley

In Moominvalley a balance between the good and the evil resides. I used to admire Snork. I still do. Later I have met people who wanted to become astronomers or philosophers. They climbed to the hill in their home town like I did.

There is no point dividing resources for informing the general public about the tiny black holes emerging in the thick points of your laboratory. I learned to read and write after high school. That is not taught at any university either.

Zombie Berry ™

Our societies are built by the same entrepreneurs who found the most successful enterprises. If I wanted to be that highly useful engineer, someone would have to rebuild my society first. As you can see, I have already entered that ship.

If you did not quite understand what my log was all about, go to a grocery store. You probably knew there is a section for ice cream. You might be surprised how many different sorts of cream you will find. Next, get yourself a television.

It makes no difference which taste or amount of energy you choose. I started from about half a metre. That, however, is just a tiny window.