Operation Enitnelav

“We have found the suspect, codename H 2.0!”

I have been asked whether there is nothing that would affright me. It is a brave thing to ask straight. I started facing things that bring the butterflies. Actually I am made of them. The fungus receives sugars, and the plant has its water. That is the way of life!

At some point my socioeconomic status will be at a stage where I can start building this world more like my dreams. I started from the bottom of this society. I can enjoy every obstacle I face. If no obstacles at all were on my path, I would be like a highly energetic, but at the same time, the most significant photon.

Go ahead and visualise a chap with fancy hair at CERN. He borrows a nuclear power plant to accelerate two atomic beams. Those beams are so high on energy they experience themselves to be inside a relativistic donut. It is almost illegal to bend the Newton’s laws that much. Now visualise one tiny photon having all that energy. You should be at the same wavelength with me. Keep reading!

Those laws brought a student to Finland. The world waves when she reads Vonnegut. It is a good way to widen one’s view. When I hear someone won a Noble prize in chemistry for researching small machines, I think he was allowed to work with his passion. He must have sacrificed something for such an impact. That book helped me understand the world around me making me a better human. In 1940s physicists did not read Vonnegut. They were aliens.

Homo sapiens near the campus area

There always exists an idea that is more profitable than a war. An idea like that is always worth a Noble prize. In my world communication is the key. Every day I try to have time to study something that does not relate to my own subject. Lately I have come to realise the essence of it, so I have taken more time aside. I am asked when I am going to finalise my degree.

In my field of expertise hashes play an important role. I have tried to understand the Head of Investigation’s way of thinking. I guess I have some clue thanks to my education. He spoke without light when I finally got him on the phone. My letter was lost in translation. He could learn what that everything means if he took time to open the book.

None of my friends who study law were familiar with hashes. Instead of putting intelligent plastic construction bricks together at the university, I spent my time with the grey lines of law. There is nothing exciting in just one shade of it, I can tell. Those lines made me see the self-colouring lines more alive.

I had to go as high as the Chancellor of Justice to find someone who would have the job in my place. He is a doctor of a totally different science than what I study. He has thousands of cases every year. Despite everything, we managed to find the common note. I printed my thoughts out of my BSD system and put a stamp with a picture of Sauli Niinistö on it.

I see a perfect landscape at a summer cottage in Finland, but the mosquitoes are thirsty. I could fill my water gun with lemonade or I could lock myself in sauna. I can see no other solution. It makes me sad to see people who would start randomly plugging off cables until the server stops pinging if they ever found its physical location.

Back in the army I met one private I will never forget. We shared countless of pots of black coffee like our grandfathers did. With his blue eyes he kept lecturing me about the perks of Nazism. He had a solution for every problem a man can face. He also had a solution for setting up an encrypted messaging system. No manual needed. I have to say he was one of the smartest guys I met there.

I have not seen the guy with the blue eyes ever since. If the Russ stopped collecting Finnish summer cottages altogether, we would be both given a pepper spray. I once experimented with that devil. I came to a conclusion that it does not help solving problems. No human would learn to love a sugar cube in a cup of antimatter coffee spontaneously. It is a defence.

It does not alter my state of mind if the gorilla standing in my living room has the coffee cup in his hand. If he manages to find a flash drive, it is all encrypted. Decrypting that without me would take a cosmological time. He looked at the hieroglyphs on my screen. He did not open his mouth anymore.

Creación de Adán

About something squared I cannot tell whether it was my inverse or not. Mother Nature is such a geek when she encapsulates her work. I lifted my right hand. He lifted his. My heart stopped for milliseconds before the touch. The tip of his finger would have had enough m to annihilate the whole Student Village. Then I felt his sweaty hand. I tried to count how many electrons possibly transferred through that organic electrolyte. We are made of the same matter. I am carrying some of his particles in my skin, but they have the same spin. He is mostly harmless.

A Japanese researcher found a way to produce syrup from corn. It was his gift to the rest of the world. Today I keep a bottle of soft syrup water in my refrigerator. I have something to offer if they come, something that makes them bubble too. I believe, deep down, the Head as well as all his gorillas were good. I remember I needed a mother, next someone to sit down for a drink with. Some stick with the first phase. There is nothing wrong with that. I would behave the same way if nobody except my mother sent me a Christmas card.

I keep paying taxes, so every being on this planet can keep filling their basket. Then they have no reason to come knocking on my door. If I had a religion, I would call that karma. I signed an address for basic income three years ago. Now I am seeing progress.

I learned to like the sound of cracking graphite. I have switched my beautiful Ludwig van to Sibelius. His portrait looks serious. Ludwig van calms down the worst storm diffracting to the doorway. Suddenly the gun starts feeling so-so heavy. Sibelius’s poems invite me to sharpen my pencil once more. I sign this letter, and the receiver has to correct his monocle.

I cannot afford speakers treated with Japanese whisky, but that is perfectly fine. I can truly love what I already have. It is really rare to see someone having time to stop for a moment and think what that means. I am happy as a photon. Superposition sounds like science fiction. I have had a chance to look in a microscope and through a telescope. Cyanobacteria for instance are talents what comes to turning E into m. I could do the same only on paper.

For the last century physicists have filled their fridges by finding solutions for breaking m back to E. I suggest we stop teasing our geek and see if we can get further than the Moon. If we cannot behave on this planet, we will end up spoiling every other astronomical resource as well. It is tough to choose which side of the exponent I would have as my wallpaper. They both represent the ancient and the future. However, one thing is sure: I would not mind spending all my time watching the little green man from Earth.

Life through Josef Reischig’s microscope

Cosmology was an interest of mine just a handful of light-seconds ago. Projects for finding ET have a $100 million budget. We can shoot lasers towards the sky. We could turn the whole Moroccan desert into solar panels. ET is probably figuring out something similar himself. Till this day our photons have been absorbed by interstellar dust.

One planet up there I can certainly call red. It is the next reasonable conquer. No existing society, so no conservative structures to limit creativity. No need for barbed wire and machine guns this time. I only see one ever-waving flag. It is a clean concrete wall for the nightly painter and nothing but the blue Martian sky to witness. That is my solution.

It sounds imaginary to find a start-up combining cryptographic hashes and a space probe. Imaginary suits me. Probability for success is way better than with the project ET. I used to look amused when I waited for the lecture to end. I could have impressed my professor while he was collecting his papers. Now I use that time for TeX. My impact is here. It may happen that in 2030 I can tell my grandma I succeeded. The secret is her glass is never half empty. Every feature is an opportunity.

I am thankful I have had a chance to interfere with all kinds of positively enriching caricatures. A stream of fresh carbonated water goes through my mind when I think of them. They have made this B movie a film noir. In this blog I have introduced the cynic, the therapist, the princess, and finally, the Sherlock of my life. Ending up in that list is a great compliment. You may have wondered why I wear sunglasses in the middle of the winter. I am the protagonist here. You are welcomed to my movie club.

Would you believe if I stated this reality fits in a matrix? The answer tells a lot about the person. Physics shaped my way of conceptualising, but my profession has no much deal with it. In a well-established society we should be able to afford a broad education. After the primary school I was encouraged to choose my subject. I picked natural sciences because I found them easy. Today I am no more intelligent I was back then, but I am a bit wiser.

Thanks to NASA Spitzer Space Telescope

My status is already at the needed level. People on average look in the mirror, but no matter what they wear, seem so single coloured inside. The atom heart mother ran out of rainbow stripes. I feel like opening the box, but it is safe in that box. I tend to say what we build starts from particles. I am seeding a terabyte every month. I do not need a server farm to have an impact. I recently opened a book describing the world around me through quanta. I wanted to know what it feels like seeing hieroglyphs.

When I was a small child I did not envision conquer. I just kept putting plastic bricks together. I am still small, and I say you are too. If you find yourself big, I wish you will send me a picture of you with Milky Way behind you. My contact information you will find hidden in numbers. If I did not reply, I was travelling. My mission is to find the last chrysanthemum. When I have found it, I will place it on my jacket lapel, climb on a mountain, and look towards the zenith. Wow!