Finnish engineer

Brand makes no difference,
Age-old i-something in his pocket,
Finnish engineer wears sandals and jeans.

He is good at his job,
But he swallows his pride,
His clients come from around the world,
His nation's flag symbolises water and snow.

Winter wind, polar darkness,
Ice breaker slipped,
The Prime Minister, engineer,
A depressing speech.

Employer has a private doctor,
Finnish engineer never goes to doctor,
The doctor, free lunch, with Pill Company,
Finished engineer swallows the pills.

Burning hot coffee,
World's Best Dad mug,
Hasn't time to wait it cool.

2.75 deciliters,
Exact amount of caffeine,
When it halves he takes more.

He doesn't wash the mug,
Flushes it like the past 20 years,
The pill makes him small,
Finds himself under wife's toe.

Soon spring still grey,
Finnish engineer lives his life,
Earns his five grand,
And lives his life.