Would you like to have a candy that will ruin your life? Those who pick the candy, at some point on this two-dimensional surface, have realised their very limited odds of losing compared to gaining. Once you realise that, you have reached a separate dimension of your being. That dimension exists in every one of us. It was only encapsulated before. You have gained not in a way that would make you a superhuman. I have met those too, incredible creatures indeed.

When I am throwing a party, I have a whole bagful of people, but they have one thing in common: they are all exceptionally open-minded. Some of them like to taste that candy, let it melt slowly. Some crunch it right away. The candy is a small packet of kindness. Unlike with shouting, you can yourself choose to enjoy the ruins of your past life or not. I feel oppressed to see someone adopted an identity of an authority figure looking at me like I was a mushroom lacking water.

Creative people stay creative. I have been financially frozen, arrested, and tested in that chronological order. My interference with my society causes instability. Some of my self-exploration arisen ideas are too impactful to be expressed publicly. I feel I am not able to write freely at this point. This journal has been an important part of my exploration journey. I will continue at another point. Everything I took an optimistic approach on was never personal. It was strictly business.

I started my blog with the radiation and the law with no frequency. I am not seeking opportunities of any kind today, yet am I richer in every way I could imagine.